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Businesses host with SRVpress because we keep things simple:
Predictable, all-inclusive quarterly invoice.
We can renew your domain registrations for you.
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Who we SRV
Successful businesses owners.

The founder and server admin, PJ Brunet, has been hosting online services since 1987, building websites since 1994, hosting software in data centers since 1999, and hosting WordPress blogs since 2004. Your domains are his top priority. Nothing is outsourced. Whether you have millions of pages or millions of views, SRVpress can host your content.

Maintaining WordPress hosting infrastructure that keeps running year after year -- it's a rare skill, and continues to evolve. Maybe you tried other services and found out: They don't know what they're doing. Even Amazon has problems with WordPress. How do I know? They told me they don't know how to host WordPress, because nobody at Amazon uses PHP. That's the programming language that makes WordPress work.

Businesses host with SRVpress, because we have the experience and expertise.
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