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WordPress Plans

WordPress expertise with uptime you'll love.
WordPress Views
Quarterly Cost Month Quarter Year
WP-1X $850 500k 1.5M 6M
WP-2X $1700 1M 3M 12M
WP-4X $3400 2M 6M 24M

SRVsite Plans

Choose SRVsite to host content efficiently for less cost.
SRVsite Views
Quarterly Cost Month Quarter Year
SRV-1X $250 500k 1.5M 6M
SRV-2X $500 1M 3M 12M
SRV-4X $1000 2M 6M 24M

All Plans Include

SSL certificates
Phone & SMS support
Daily offsite backups
Two hours of content updates per quarter
Keep up-to-date with tech tips & ideas from SRVpress.

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